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"We just draw a way to be”

Interview with PARIPEPOP by Stephen Lynch.

LYNCH. Why did you start this project?

PARIPEPOP. Imagine being on an irresistible minefield and with the desire to tempt fate. Our curious nature got us into this mess, and with legs or no legs, it will get us out of it as well.

L. I have to confess that your logo baffles me a lot... Why a dog in a suit with a pumpking head?

P. [Laughs] It was based on a real story our family has been telling us all our lives. Something that happened during Halloween in 1969 to a relative that emigrated to New Jersey. It was something so extraordinary, and a memory so attached to us, that we couldn't let go.

L. Personally, I find your work pretty weird, evocative, and the designs always seem to hide something else... What drives this atypical universe you´ve created around you?

P. We just draw a way to be. We've always felt different and out of this world, by our way of thinking, our actions... and now finally, thanks to Paripepop, we have built an own world where we can share our creations with people who feel like we do. Keep in mind that styles come and go, but the attitude remains.

L. Do yo have any special recipe to elaborate your illustrations?

P. We walk backwards down the street, we applaud the paintings in museums, we play canned laughters in funerals... Almost everything is usually born from an unpredictable combination of game play, technique, memory, imagination and tons of irony.

L. It's pretty clear that for pop-culture lovers in search of original and exclusive products, you most definitely didn't pass unnoticed. Did you expect this warm welcome?

P. We would have liked to receive a Nobel Prize on creativity or something in the lines, but at least now we can afford the most expensive chips in the supermarket.

ParipedogL. Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?

P1. Wearing X-ray specs all day long.
P2. Declaring taxes of the previous year.
P3. Sitting on a mountain of golden eggs.

L. I would really like to know what actually happened to your relative in America. Anything else you can say about that?

P. If you can get this interview published in The New Yorker, you'll have exclusive access to this information and a few more secrets in our next meeting.