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About us

About us

“We just draw a way to be”

Interview with PARIPEPOP by Stephen Lynch.

LYNCH: Why did you start this project?

PARIPEPOP: Imagine being on an irresistible minefield and with the desire to tempt fate. This is how our curiosity works. It gets us into this mess, and with legs or no legs, it will get us out of it as well.

L: Your logo ...Why a dog? And the suit and the pumpkin?

P: [Laughs] It was based on a real story our family has been telling us all our lives. We all had an emigrated relative and we know that they bring hundreds of stories under their belt. Well, the legend of our family happens in New Jersey, in Halloween of 1969. We find it so endearing and unusual that we couldn't let go.

L: What happened?

P: One day we will tell it. It's about a dog, a suit and a pumpkin. [Laughs]

L: Your works generate me a lot of questions, does it happen to other people?
Yes. That's what it is about.
We just draw a way to be.
One of our greatest pleasures is, from what we see, generate questions, create other worlds other realities and to a certain point, bother with it.
It makes you leave the comfort zone, from a preconceived and predictable universe and question yourself.
Do you know that feeling of being counting something and as you go through the story, you see how your listeners are becoming bigger questions? Those restless looks and those uncomfortable laughter …
By this way of thinking and acting we have been made to feel strange, weirdos.
But we know that there are more people with our same philosophy. That's why we created Paripepop. An own universe where we can share our creations with people who understand our way of seeing the world.
The styles come and go, but the attitude remains.

L. What recipe do you follow to create your works?
[Laughs] We walk backwards down the street, we applaud the paintings in museums, we play canned laughters in funerals …
They are the result of an unpredictable combination of game, technique, memory, imagination and ironya a lot of irony.

L. How would you define your clients?
Lovers of art and pop culture.
Nostalgic for cinema, television, videogames, series ... who are looking for Art and other products with pop references.
People with awakened minds, intrepid.
And ironic people, very ironic.

L. Can you tell us something more about the history of New Jersey?
[Laughs] When you get to publish this interview in The New Yorker, we will tell you the story.